Kaspars Grinvalds

Latest projects:

Posing App

The ultimate posing reference for both photographers and models.

If you ever run out of ideas, get stuck in creativity or simply need some guidance when photographing people, you can use Posing App as a "posing cheat sheet". Many pro photographers use such a technique when preparing for and during a photo shoot.

A variety of posing categories are available in Posing App: Children, Couples, Portraits, Women, Men, Groups and Weddings. Over 400 illustrated poses are included.

Use the collection of poses both as guidance and creative source for taking beautiful, creative and outstanding photos!

Read more on posingapp.com


The photographer's app for discovering and sharing interesting photography locations around the world.

The locations are submitted and promoted by you - fellow photographers! Browsing locations is straigthforward - they are shown as thumbnails on the map. There is an option to rate it, comment on it and even edit or add your own pictures to the existing location.

There is the option to switch to satellite view, or use the map based on OpenStreetMap data. Give it a try, you will be amazed by the detail and accuracy of this map.

Contributing your locations are easy. You mark the spot on the map, upload photos and add a description.

Find out more on geoscover.com